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Perfectly Deflated

Project Type



2018 - 2019



This series of work is meant to express how immensely strong and unique women are after entering the Motherhood stage of life. Every day is a struggle and celebration all wrapped into one happy yet exasperating package. These experiences can make us feel powerful, but it can also leave our bodies feeling hollow, gorged and completely out of place, even when that may not be the reality seen by others. Each sculpture has all the bits and pieces of the female anatomy but everything has settled into its new place with some more mass and additional negative space. Most of these pieces are built around a paper armature that is then removed, allowing the clay to collapse onto itself creating new positive and negative spaces. The clay is then molded and shaped using the lines that have formed to help create each sculpture's final pose. The metallic glazes of this series is meant to represent the armor we wear to protect our hearts, bodies and minds and keep these things safe from others thoughts and opinions. These works are a visual representation of this emotional phase of life.

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